“Unprecedented pressure” on dog rescue and kennel services

Galway Daily news

The County Council’s Dog Warden service has said that it is experiencing unprecedented pressure at this moment in time.

The council service is seeing a huge number of dogs coming into their care at this time, and large waiting lists for all kennels.

The council’s own shelter is completely full up, and they are working with many charity partners to try and move animals into homes where they are wanted and cared for.

“Galway’s animal charities are doing trojan work and experiencing extremely high volumes of dogs and full kennels,”

“Our dog wardens are operating waiting lists and filling spaces as soon as they become available in our shelter.”

“Please be patient as we navigate through this unprecedented surge of dogs, as has been reported nationally.”

“Overcrowded kennels, whether in the local authority or our animal charities, are unsafe and stressful for our dogs, so maximum numbers must be adhered to in the interest of animal welfare.”

The council’s dog warden service had this advice to give to pet owners, and animal lovers:

  • Please ensure your dog is microchipped and registered so it can be returned to you quickly if it gets out and doesn’t end up in a shelter, blocking space for other dogs to go through the system.
  • Please neuter your pets to prevent unwanted litters of pups.
  • Please support our Galway animal charities in this tough time in any way you can: donate, fundraise, volunteer, foster, adopt & share rehoming posts on social media.
  • If you are considering getting a new pet, please please please rehome a dog from your local animal charity – many beautiful dogs are waiting for that lucky rescue spot!