Trócaire launches cashless donation boxes in Galway

Galway Daly news Trócaire launches cashless donation boxes in Galway

Trócaire is going digital with a pilot scheme of cashless donation boxes at Supermac’s in Galway and Dublin.

RTÉ reports that Trócaire has decided to make the move to go cashless as fewer and fewer people are carrying change around.

Trócaire’s Director of Funding Gwen Dempsey said the move was a way to “future proof” the traditional countertop donation box.

The digital donation boxes are piloting at Supermac’s outlets at the Galway Plaza and on O’Connell street.

Supermac’s owner Pat McDonagh said the he got behind this programme because of the long association his family and businesses have had with Trócaire.

“We have supported the charity for over 30 years. In that 30 years we have donated €500,000,” he told RTÉ.

While it may only be in two restaurants now, McDonagh said that it’s planned roll out the cashless donation points in 100 outlets.

The pilot programme is a collaboration between Trócaire, Supermac’s, The Smart Group and Payment Plus.

Lent, which begins today, has always been a huge time of year for fundraising by Trócaire.

Ms Dempsey said the annual campaign over Lent gathers between five and six million euros every year.

But while the future might be cashless, the charity still distributes one million cardboard donation boxes boxes to homes, businesses, and parishes every Lent.