Westend streets being pedestrianised for school trips

Pilot scheme pedestrianising westside streets from Monday for school trips

Galway City Council has announced plans to pedestrianise multiple streets in the west end for school opening and closing times as part of a pilot project.

Palmyra Park, Palmyra Avenue and Raleigh Row will be pedestrianised as part of a ‘School Streets’ pilot in Scoil Iognáid for limited hours in the morning and afternoon.

The streets in question will be closed to traffic from 8:15am – 9:15am each morning, and again in the afternoon from 1:15pm – 2:15pm, Monday to Friday.

This scheme is being piloted as approximately 160 cars travel down the narrow Raleigh Row where Scoil Iognaid is located each day.

“The street isn’t physically wide enough for cars to interact safely with the volume of vulnerable road users coming to our school by bike, or on foot,” a leaflet for the pilot scheme states.

“Children coming to school on foot/ by bike, and children with mobility issues experience significant difficulty accessing the school, with cars blocking their safe access.”

The new measures will come into effect from Monday, November 2 and continue until Friday, June 25 of 2021.

Local access and cyclists will continue to be permitted on the streets in question during these times the city council has said.