Galway City traffic went up 5% on Monday

Galway daily news Traffic lights at UHG out of action until next week

Traffic on one of the busiest routes in Galway City went up 5% on Monday as the country entered Phase 2 of reopening from the Covid-19 lockdown.

There was a 5% jump in traffic levels on the N6 Bothar na dTreabh on Monday compared with the week before according to the data from the TII.

Transport Infrastructure Ireland counted 2,594 cars on Bothar na dTreabh between 7am and 10am on Monday as part of its daily tall of traffic levels during the current crisis.

This increase is based on estimated car figures for June 1. It is also still 45% below the same day in 2019.

Monday saw Ireland enter Phase 2 of the reconfigured roadmap for lifting Covid-19 restrictions.

There were a number of changes made this week which would influence the number of cars on the road.

The 5km travel limit was raised to the entire county you are in, much higher than the 20km limit previously planned.

All retail stores were also allowed to reopen, meaning more people travelling to and from work, and more people driving in to shop.

Galway’s increase in traffic was the lowest recorded by TII anywhere in the country on Monday.

The biggest jump was in the border region, where traffic on the M1 motorway at Jonesboro was up 24% on last week.

The current level of travel restriction will last until the end of June, when all limits are to be lifted in Phase 3.