City Council closes section of Dyke Road

City Council closes section of Dyke Road

Galway City Council has removed access to a portion of the Dyke Road this week as part of the Council Mobility Team Covid-19 interventions in the City Centre.

The section of the Dyke Road approaching the Headford Road/ Dyke Road/ St. Brendan’s Avenue Junction has been blocked off with signage and temporary bollards.

These changes will provide a shorter wait time at the junction for pedestrians, and increased capacity for vehicles.

From here on, all southbound traffic on the road will be prohibited from approaching this junction with the Headford Road and St. Brendan’s Avenue.

Instead vehicles will have to turn left at the car park towards the Headford Road/ St. Bridget’s Place junction.

These changes are meant to remove a signal stage at the crossroads traffic lights, thus resulting in a reduced traffic time at the junction.

Controversial new bike parking racks have also been installed in this section of the road.

The right turn at the Courthouse coming from the Cathedral has also been restricted to Bus only from this week.