Bus Eireann rolling out new Galway Expressway services

Galway Daily news More Expressway services connecting Galway with Dublin Airport, Cork, Ballina

Bus Eireann is introducing multiple new Expressway services serving Galway City to Cork and Dublin Airport in response to growing demand.

From Sunday, August 9 four new daily Expressway services between Galway and Cork will run, as will two services connecting with Dublin Airport.

The bus on route 51 from Galway to Cork will run at 7:05am and 9:05am, with two more buses from Cork to Galway travelling at 12:25pm and 2:25pm.

On route 20/20X there will be a new service from Galway to Dublin Airport at 5:30pm, and a returning bus from the Airport to Galway at 10:30pm.

All of the newly announced Expressway services will run seven days a week from Monday to Sunday.

Along with Galway, new services were also announced between Dublin and Letterkenny, along Dublin Airport and Limerick.

Bus Eireann has struggled with capacity issues on its Expressway services as public transport picks up again coming out of COVID-19 lockdown.

Individual bus capacity has been restricted to comply with social distancing requirements, resulting in buses that are often already full leaving their first station.

Bus Eireann has asked people to only travel if their journey is really necessary in order to save capacity for essential trips.