Traffic management plan in place to handle a weekend of Ed Sheeran

Galway Daily news Pearse Stadium traffic management plan

Gardaí are putting a traffic management plan in place for Salthill this weekend in anticipation of huge numbers of people coming to town for Ed Sheeran.

Road around Pearse stadium inside Lower Salthill road, Salthill Promenade, Threadneedle road, and Taylor’s Hill road will be closed by Gardaí for the weekend.

Only residents of the area will be allowed to pass and they will have to carry an authorisation card issued by Galway GAA at all times.

The traffic restrictions come into effect on Friday at 6pm and will last 1am on Monday May 14.

Bus Eireann will be running a special shuttle bus from AIB bank in Eyre Square to the Aquarium in Salthill 10 minutes walk from the stadium.

In addition the 401 route to Salthill will run at 12 minute intervals on Saturday and Sunday from noon to midnight.

A designated taxi drop off point for people going to the concert has also been set at the Salthill Promenade roundabout opposite the Aquarium.

Concert goers who have tickets for the special needs area will have to be issued parking permits ahead of time which they must bring with them.

Anyone with a query can contact Ticketmaster’s special needs hotline at 0818 903001, or if you are calling from Northern Ireland or the UK 0333 3219996.

Gardaí are asking anyone coming to the festival and concert by car to please make use of dedicated parking set up just for the weekend.

On top of the regular city car parks, three dedicated concert car parks have been set up at St. Mary’s College, st. Mary’s rd; St. Edna’s Secondary school, Threadneedle rd; and Salerno school, Threadneedle rd.

St. Mary’s College will have room for 4,500 cars, but space will be limited at St. Edna’s and Salerno.

Ed’s concerts this Saturday and Sunday are taking place during Ed Sheeran Festival organised by the Latin Quarter which kicked off yesterday.

More than 60,000 people are expected to attend the concerts alone, and that’s not even counting those who couldn’t get tickets but are coming to enjoy the weekend anyways.

A full map of the area closed off to traffic and garda checkpoints, alonng with details of bus and train services for the weekend, can be found on the city council website.