Time to kiss goodbye to kissing gates, says Galway Cycling Campaign

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Galway Cycling Campaign has welcomed the announcement of scrambler and quad regulation by the Minister for Transport, which the campaign says will allow for the removal of kissing gates.

Neasa Bheilbigh of Galway Cycling Campaign and  Galway CycleBus said that the campaign has no affection for kissing gates, which were installed to prevent access by scramblers and quads.

“Now there’s no more excuses for these barriers. Local authorities must now ensure green spaces are safe and accessible to all,” said Neasa.

“Parks often form part of quiet routes to school.

“Removing kissing gates and barriers will make better access to public spaces for people walking, people with mobility challenges, parents with buggies and those cycling on standard and non-standard bikes.

“It’s time to kiss the kissing gates goodbye.”