TII agrees with Galway TD on safety at Kilmeen Cross Junction

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A new recommendation from TII on the issue of safety at Kilmeen Cross junction has been welcomed.

The agency has accepted, on principle, that the national road should be given priority in the medium-term, subject to Galway County Council’s agreement.

The agency says that this should be included in the TII Minor Scheme Programme.

It is currently very difficult for motorists travelling from Loughrea to Portumna to delineate the junction with ease at night because they have nothing but their vehicles headlights.

Minister Ciaran Cannon, who for some time has been in contact with TII on the issue of the lighting at the junction, said: “I’m pleased… to have received confirmation from the CEO of Transport Infrastructure Ireland that the agency agrees with my assessment that the current situation of a national road not having priority is a less than ideal situation.”

The Galway East TD added: “For some time now, I have been working with TII to find a solution to the lack of visibility at night at the Kilmeen Cross junction and have conveyed the concerns to them around TII’s plans to redesign Kilmeen Cross on the N65 near Loughrea.

“I have questioned why TII’s current design proposal gives priority to a regional road over a national secondary route on account of the fact that as one approaches the junction on the N65 from Portumna one must yield and give right of way to vehicles travelling on the R446 from Kilrickle.

“In addition, I have forwarded a design proposal which incorporates a roundabout and which I believe would resolve this issue.”