Connemara’s Thomas Welby becomes the first councillor elected in Ireland

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The first official count from Connemara North is out and Thomas Welby has become the first councillor elected in the four seat district.

The Independent councillor topped the polls in Connemara North by a significant margin with 2,140 votes, putting him more than 600 over the quota require for a seat.

The returning councillor is the first person elected to the county council today.

From the rest of the results coming in from the first count it looks as if the remaining seats will be going to Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael.

Eileen Mannion (FG) also looks likely to retain her seat as she hovers just 55 votes shy of making the quota after the first count.

In third and fourth place are Gerry King and Seamus Walsh of Fianna Fáil. King has 1,350 votes so far and needs another 105 to get over the line, while Walsh is currently trailing behind him at 1,012 votes.

The quota for a seat in Connemara North is 1,455 votes.

The results from the first count are:

  1. Thomas Welby (Ind) – 2,140
  2. Eileen Mannion (FG) – 1,400
  3. Gerry King (FF) – 1,350
  4. Seamus Walsh (FF) – 1,012
  5. Josie Conneely – 625
  6. Tom Healy (SF) – 583
  7. Criostóir Breathnach (Ind) – 163