Surge in people surrendering their dogs MADRA says

Galway Daily news Surge in people surrendering their dogs MADRA says

Galway based dog rescue charity MADRA has said that there has been a surge in the number of people looking to surrender their dogs lately.

Such is the current pressure, that they are no longer able to help any dogs outside of Galway and Mayo, as their kennel is full, and they’re already hiring outside space to compensate/

“We almost always have a long waiting list and lately that list has gotten even longer. Our shelter is already full up with rescue dogs from the pounds in Galway and Mayo,” the charity said on facebook.

“We recieve messages from all over Ireland about surrendering dogs, but unfortunately we’re not in a position to help dogs outside of Galway and Mayo.”

“We are currently overwhelmed with the amount of dogs in these counties right now who need our help in finding new homes.”

MADRA said that they are trying to maintain services to dogs in three different pounds across Galway and Mayo.

However, their own kennel is already at such full capacity that they have had to pay external kennels to hold some dogs while they they and secure homes for them.

On top of the increased pressure on their services, MADRA is also suffering from greater strain on their finances that before.

Their charity shop in Furbo was forced to close due to the redevelopment of the land, costing them a major source of income.

“Collecting the dogs from the pounds is only the start of a sometimes long, and always expensive journey. We cannot take dogs out, unless we know that we can look after them for as long as it takes to find their new home.”

MADRA is asking people to consider donating even just €5 a month, for the next 6 to 12 months, “as we try to navigate our way through all the trials that have been thrown at us”.

“This steady, regular income will give us the stability we need to keep going, knowing that you guys have our backs, and that when we take in a dog, we can be sure that we can follow through with whatever care is needed.”

“We know that with some consistent support, we can get through this tough time without any reduction in our service to the pound, the dogs, and to you our supporters.”

You can make a donation, or set up a standing order, by going to MADRA’s website at:

Anyone interested in adopting a dog can also find all the information they need on the website.