Stevo’s fundraiser passes €50,000 ahead of heroic challenge!

stevo timothy fundraiser

Stevo Timothy has said he is “lost for words” as his fundraiser for the Irish Wheelchair Association surpassed €50,000 before his 5k cycle later today.

Almost €53,000 has been raised by over 2,500 people in the fundraising campaign which has exceeded all of his expectations in recent weeks.

The challenge has caught the attention of the Irish public and a plethora of well-known sports stars and celebrities, with Twitter being bombarded with messages of support today for the Galway comedian.

Good man Stevo. Gerrup ya good thing

And after raising almost €53,000 for the Irish Wheelchair Association, donations continue to flood in – and now the aim is to raise a total of €60,000 for the charity before the cycle at 7pm at the Westside Running Track.

Stevo took to social media last night and posted a heartfelt message, thanking everyone who donated and supported the campaign.

“Just reached 50 thousand euro. I’m lost for words for the first time in my life. I really am,” he said.

“Thank you to everyone who donated, shared, RTd etc. Every one of you are keeping my mother’s memory alive and for that alone I am forever in your debt.

“It’s a weird feeling lying here in me bed looking at a picture of her. I wished she could have seen this.

“I wish she could have shared in this moment. She can’t but at least it will go to helping people like her. People suffering. People in chronic pain. People ignored and castigated by society because of their disability. Discounted and wrote off.

“I hope everyone can now see what a person with a disability is capable of and the inner strength of those who we once institutionalised.

“I will go now before I ball my eyes out but thank you, thank you, thank you.”