galway weather forecast High temperature weather warning for Galway this weekend as 29C forecast

After a miserable start to the week with a weather warning issued by Met Éireann for heavy rain, things will get better from Tuesday onward!

And the early indications are that next weekend (25th – 27th May) will be the best weather we’ve had so far this year, with temperatures reaching up to 22 degrees with clear blue skies.

Tuesday will bring brighter spells after a rainy day tomorrow, and it will get progressively better from then, with no rain forecast for the rest of the week.

The good weather will start as early as Wednesday, with a sharp rise in temperatures to over 20 degrees, and the weather will get slightly better each day until at least Sunday.

Wednesday will likely see some cloudy spells as well as some sunshine, with a similar outlook for Thursday.

Friday, however, will be warmer and there will be much less cloud, and Saturday and Sunday look like they will be scorching with temperatures well into their twenties.

Many are hoping that the summer will make up for the long, miserable winter that we experienced here (and across Europe) and with some sunny days in the past few weeks and some great weather on its way, this could be the start of it!