‘Save Rusheen Bay’ – Rusheen Bay School risks being “lost forever”

rusheen bay save the school

Watersports enthusiasts and parents have come together to attempt to purchase Rusheen Bay Windsurfing School, which is due to be auctioned next week.

Rusheen Bay School is being auctioned on 20 July for an asking price of €200,000, however the local group – made up of its former owner, managers and instructors – have formed a club and want to buy the school to use it as a not-for-profit sustainable community club.

They believe the school risks being “lost forever unless people act fast”.

They want to use the school to teach watersports and land-based activities to children and adults in Galway City and County and finance itself through sustainable, commercially-run watersports camps during the summer months.

Rusheen Bay has been used as a watersports amenity in Galway city for twenty seven years.

Over 25,000 children and adults have learned how to sail, paddle, and have fun in one of the worlds most idyllic venues for teaching and learning watersports.

Níall McNelis, Mayor of Galway City supports the cause, and said: “Galway is a City by the sea – a Green Leaf city – and needs to protect maritime amenities like Rusheen Bay for generations to come. This would be a shame if it was lost to the community.”