Revenue warns of tax scam fraudsters

Galway Daily news Loughrea Gardaí warn of scam package delivery calls

Fraudsters are trying to scam people’s financial information by telling them they are due a tax refund, or must immediately pay a tax bill.

The Revenue Commissioners have issued a warning of recent calls where fraudsters have posed as agents of the Revenue over the phone to try and get personal and banking information.

Some of the scams they have been alerted to recently including scammers telling people that they are due to receive a tax refund.

In other instances people have been threatened that they must pay a tax bill immediately in order to avoid a criminal case.

Other scam calls have involved fraudsters trying to get people to divulge their credit/debit card details, or bank account information.

Revenue agents will never ask people for personal or financial information over the phone, and if you receive such a call, people are advised to contact their local Revenue office.

Anyone who mistakenly provides personal information in response to these types of fraudulent phone calls should contact their bank or credit card company immediately and alert the Gardaí.