Public advised to avoid beaches and cliffs during weather warning

Galway Daily news Status Orange weather warning issued for Storm Isha

People are being advised to stay away from exposed beaches, cliffs and piers, harbor walls and promenades during a weather warning today.

The forecasted unseasonable severe weather conditions will coincide with spring tides and rough to high seas, with the potential for wave overtopping and hazardous coastal conditions.

The Coast Guard encourages the public to remember to “Stay Back, Stay High and Stay Dry” and if you see anyone if difficulty call 999 or 112 and ask for the Coast Guard.

A Status Yellow weather warning for “unseasonably windy” weather is in force for Galway today, and will be in place until 3pm.

During this time, average wind speeds of 40 to 50km/hr are forecast, with gusts reaching up to 90km/hr.

Winds will be strongest along the coast, as well as exposed and higher terrain. Very rough seas are expected too.

Being near an exposed cliff during high winds can have tragic consequences.

During Storm Ali in 2018, a tourist from Switzeland lost her life in Claddaghduff when the caravan she was in was blown over a cliff.