Protest planned against ‘Vulture Takeover of Galway Housing’

galway daily news protest in galway city

A protest will take place on Monday, 16 May at the site of the planned Augustine Hill development in Galway city.

The protest was organised by Éirígí as the development is set to include over 200 build-to-rent apartments.

Local Éirígí rep Ian Ó Dálaigh called on the people of Galway to join the Vultures Out protest at the site entrance on Lough Atalia Road.

He said that these developments must be managed by ‘institutional investors’ – i.e. vulture landlords.

“This is just the latest example of the vulture takeover of Irish housing – a takeover that is well and truly on our doorsteps here in Galway.”

Last year Éirígí held a protest at St Patrick’s Avenue in Eyre Square.

“The houses there are owned by the Comer Group, Ireland’s largest domestic vulture landlord,” Ó Dálaigh said.

“At the time, we also wanted to highlight the #TrackTheVultures map, which we had just launched. It includes 361 Comer-owned homes in Galway city and county – the equivalent of 1% of all homes in Galway.”