Portiuncula Hospital adds bereavement support for those who’ve lost their baby

Galway Daily news Portiuncula Hospital adds new Bereavement support nurse

Portiuncula Hospital is adding to the bereavement services it offers with the appointment of a new Bereavement Support Midwife.

Emma McArt will bring her extensive clinical expertise and counselling experience to support those dealing with losing a child before or just after birth.

General Manager of Portiuncula University Hospital James Keane welcomed Emma to the hospital team.

“Emma will be working with the multidisciplinary team in planning and delivering individualised, evidence-based care to women, their partners and families who experience perinatal bereavement in our service.

“It will be a challenging role as a Clinical Midwife Manager 2 which will further enhance the services provided at the hospital. We are delighted to welcome Emma to Portiuncula.”

Prior to taking up her position at Portiuncula, Emma obtained her Nursing degree from Buckinghamshire University in 2001.

For two years she gained valuable experience working as a staff nurse at Charring Cross Hospital in London before joining Galway University Hospitals in 2003.

After gaining valuable experience in antenatal and theatre work, Emma joined the Galway Fertility Clinic in 2008 before returning to GUH two years ago.

Currently Emma is continuing her studies by undertaking an MSc in Loss and Bereavement with the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland to serve the patients at Portiuncula to the best of her abilities.