“Holidays are over – let’s get Dáil back in action ASAP” – Galway TD

Galway Daily news government accused of using money message to block opposition legislation

Mairéad Farrell TD has called for the Dáil to be recalled as soon as possible after GolfGate destroyed ‘public confidence in public life’.

Speaking today outside the Dáil, the Galway West TD said that the Dáil needs to be ‘back in action ASAP’ to deal with pressing issues that have arisen.

“I’m happy and delighted to be here answering questions. But where I really want to be is in that building behind me, inside the Dáil chamber, dealing with the issues like what has happened over the last few days, which has absolutely destroyed public confidence in public life,” said Deputy Farrell.

“At the end of the day, we’re in a pandemic. Holidays are long over.”

Commenting on GolfGate and Phil Hogan’s involvement, the Galway West TD said that you need to quarantine for fourteen days on returning from a non-green list country and that it doesn’t matter if you’ve had a negative test result.

The HSE confirmed this yesterday evening, after Phil Hogan told RTÉ’s Tony Connelly that he was exempt from the quarantine as he had tested negative for the virus in hospital.

“Everyone needs to be held to that same standard whether they are in public life or not,” said Deputy Farrell.