Plans unveiled for up to 750 new homes in Sandy Road redevelopment

Galway Daily news Plans unveiled for up to 750 new homes in Sandy Road redevelopment

Plans have been launched today for the massive redevelopment of Sandy Road in Galway City, which aims to deliver up to 750 new homes.

The Land Development Agency has announced a draft plan for the area now know as The Sandy Quarter, and a public consultation is underway.

The redevelopment of the Sandy Road area was first announced in January 2020, with a goal of creating a new urban quarter on the 20 acre site close to the city centre.

The new urban quater would include 650-750 new homes in buildings three to six storeys in height, and with one landmark nine storey building, in a mix of social, cost-rental, and private housing.

The site would be clustered around a large 12,490m² public park, a series of smaller ‘pocket parks’ in residential areas, and a public square.

The design approach involves distinct character areas that are linked throughout the site. They include The Garden District, where the pocket parks will be located, The Boardwalk, a commercial community with office space and retail units, and The Hub, a community and enterprise facility.

Brendan McGrath, Chief Executive of Galway City Council said that they are, “Very pleased to be working in partnership with the Land Development Agency to progress this strategic spatial framework for the Sandy Road area.”

“This site is very important in the context of compact growth, active travel, climate action, and the anticipated increase in population in Galway City under the National Planning Framework.”

“Sustainable, compact growth will be key to the continued success of Galway city, and ambitious plans such as the draft spatial framework for the Sandy Road area will be at the heart of this.”

The public consultation process began yesterday, Monday, April 3, and will run for six weeks until May 12 and includes consultation on supporting SEA documents.

A full copy of the Draft Spatial Framework for The Sandy Quarter, Galway can be found online at

Feedback from the public consultation will be used by the LDA to identify how the site can develop, and where a first development phase could happen, before a final version of the framework is published later this year.

John Coleman, chief executive of the LDA said, “This is another significant development for the LDA and part of our ongoing work to optimise the potential of underutilised public land.

“The Draft Spatial Framework shows the exciting potential of this land and serves as a guide to how it can be radically transformed from a brownfield site into a vibrant urban quarter.”

“The LDA is already involved in a number of affordable and social housing projects with local authorities and is delighted to be working with Galway City Council, Galway County Council and the ESB on what will be a fantastic addition to Galway city.”