Plans submitted for estate of 64 houses in Loughrea

Galway Daily news Planning appeal over 91 houses & apartments in Athenry

A planning application has been submitted for a residential development of 64 houses in Loughrea.

Jardonelle Ltd have submitted plans for for an estate at Baunoge, Loughrea consisting of 32 semi-detached and 32 terraced houses.

According to the planning application, the developer intends that six of the terraced houses will be provided to the county council for affordable or council housing as required under Part V of the Planning Act.

The site of the development is to the east of Loughrea Lake, a designated Special Area of Conservation.

A Natura Impact Statement submitted with the planning application suggests that planting additional hedgerows and utilising silt traps during construction can mitigate any risk of contamination from runoff.

The new development would be accessed through the Corridor road serving Baunoge housing estate, which would be extended to serve the new homes.

A total of 128 private parking spaces are included in the design according to the developer, two to each home located in front of the houses.

There is currently a 1.8m high wall separating the proposed site from the existing estate.

It’s intended to remove this wall around open space and link the two together.

Anyone who wishes to make a submission to the county council concerning this housing development must do so by February 1.

Galway County Council is due to give a decision on whether to grant this planning application by February 22.