Plans for wind turbine test site near Athenry

Galway Daily news Plans in the works for north Galway wind farm

Approval is being sought from the county council for the construction of a wind turbine test site near Athenry.

C&F Tooling has sought planning permission tow erect two wind turbine towers at Moor, Athenry, one 12m high and the other 20m tall.

Along with the turbines themselves, the plans also include two measuring masts, each the same size as their respective turbines.

The developer said that this project is a “necessary facility for the survival of the Wind Turbine production arm of the C&F Group.”

“It is essential that it is located near to or at the existing production at Cashla/Moor townland,” the design statement further said.

The test site will be connected to the main Turbine Monitoring Centre behind the existing factory.

An Acoustic Performance Test report was submitted to the county council as part of this application.

C&F noted that the units being used at the test site are considerably smaller than those used at commercial wind farms, 6-20Kw units as opposed to those in the 1-6Mw range.

The developer said that they will not be audible to the two houses within half a kilometre of the site.

A decision on this application is due from Galway County Council by March 25.