Millions of Americans to read all about Galway in popular US magazine

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Millions of North Americans will be given a taste of Galway when a special edition of the popular Bake from Scratch magazine is published.

The “Authentic Ireland” edition of the magazine will include content collected by five food and lifestyle bloggers.

The bloggers have been visiting Galway and sharing content to their 600,000 followers.

This content will be seen by many more, with Bake from Scratch boasting 30 million monthly readers.

Together with a videographer, photographer and team of editors, the bloggers’ action-packed itinerary saw them visit The Black Gate Cultural Centre, Ashford Castle and Kylemore Abbey.

They also enjoyed the city’s local cuisine with Galway Food Tours.

The campaign sees Tourism Ireland in the US partnering with premier kitchen and home furnishings retailer Williams Sonoma.

It includes a dedicated page on the Williams Sonoma website featuring ‘Authentic Ireland’ recipes, to inspire Americans to discover some of our culinary offerings and traditional recipes.

Williams Sonoma will also offer customers the opportunity to learn how to make Irish dishes in over 200 stores across the US, at a cookery demo in early March.

There will also be a sweepstakes competition on its website, offering one lucky person the chance to win a trip to the island of Ireland.

Alison Metcalfe, Tourism Ireland’s Head of North America and Australia, said: “We are excited about our new collaboration with Williams Sonoma and Bake from Scratch magazine, which promises to be a great way for us to showcase Galway and Ireland, and connect with their customers and readers.

“Working with iconic brands like Williams Sonoma and Bake from Scratch will help us raise awareness of some of the many unique experiences to be enjoyed around the island of Ireland, inspiring American travellers to put a trip to the island of Ireland on their ‘must do’ list for 2020.”