Plans approved to continue reclamation of land at Ros a Mhíl Harbour

Galway Daily news Extension of planning sought to complete Deep Water Quay at Ros a Mhíl

Galway County Council has approved plans for the continued expansion of the Fishery Harbour Centre at Ros a Mhíl by reclaiming waterlogged ground.

The Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine has been granted planning permission for the reclamation of 1.33ha of land to the southwest of the existing commercial harbour.

Soil and Sand will be dredged from the area of the proposed small craft harbour, killing two birds with one stone, before being brought to the waterlogged site.

Located to the south of the existing car park, the soil will be deposited and leveled. Once the site has been filled in, a geotextile surface will be placed on top, before that it covered with stone gravel.

Planning permission had previously been granted for this project in 2015, and further approval was sought sought to continue and finish it.

Planning permission was granted for the works subject to five conditions, with specific details of the proposed geotextile layer to be agreed on with the council.