Paddy’s Day junkets for ministers should be a thing of the past says PBP

Galway Daily news Weekend of Fun for St. Patrick's Festival 2024 in Galway City

Galway’s People Before Profit representatives have criticised the upcoming St Patrick’s Day trips by local TDs Hildegarde Naughton, Anne Rabbitte, and 34 other Ministers and Junior Ministers.

Hildegarde Naughton is set to visit Miami and Mexico, while Anne Rabbitte will go to South Africa.

PBP rep Adrian Curran said that it is time that the merits of sending government representatives around the globe on “publicly-funded junkets” every St Patrick’s Day were “seriously questioned”.

“We’re paying for these trips, but so is the planet,” he said.

Maisie McMaster, People Before Profit rep for Galway City West, pointed to the climate impact of the journeys.

“In a time when it is vital we drastically reduce carbon emissions, sending Ministers around the globe on unnecessary long-haul flights sends entirely the wrong message.

“By a very conservative estimate, these trips will produce as many tonnes of carbon emissions as the average Irish person produces in 6 years. By any measure that is reckless behaviour by the government.”