Govt issues warning as scam texts rise in Galway


People in Galway have been warned that texts are being sent by scammers asking them to click on a link to claim an energy credit.

The messages link to a site that looks like, but there is no such scheme being offered by the government and people are warned not to click on the link or enter any personal details.

The government has reminded the public that neither their departments and agencies nor banks will never phone, text, email or video call people unexpectedly asking for bank details.

They say that people should never give their bank details, passwords or personal details if it seems a bit strange or out of the blue.

People are also advised not engage with anyone who says that they have their PPS number.

If you believe you are a victim of a cyber-crime, contact your local Garda station and take screenshots of texts, emails or other communications.

Some of the most common types of scams involve the use of fake emails, calls or texts pretending to be from real companies.