Ordinary Heroes of Covid-19 crisis praised by community champion

steve dolan galway daily community champion

Galway’s community champion Steve Dolan has praised the work of ‘ordinary heroes’ during the COVID-19 crisis, highlighting organisations on the ground in places like Ballinasloe.

Steve Dolan heaped praise on volunteers who are providing companionship, helping with grocery runs and odd jobs, and working hard at keeping-up the spirits of people cocooning.

“For many, this is a mental health challenge as much as a physical health challenge,”
he said.

“The lockdown is being experienced very differently by different individuals and the glue that has held our communities together has been the local volunteers.

“The organisations in places like Ballinasloe have responded rapidly to the changed
environment and they have led the way in so many ways.”

Dolan said that many in our community are struggling, but the teamwork on display in Ballinasloe has been ‘truly inspiring’.

“To see the residents of Saint Teresa’s, Saint Anne’s and Saint Grellan’s come together,
check-in with each other, and organise food and fuel so no one gets left behind is to see
what’s best about this county and country. These are Ireland’s ordinary heroes.”

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