Council approves spectator stand and facelift for Oranmore Community Centre pitch

Galway Daily news Council approves spectator stand and facelift for Oranmore Community Centre pitch

Galway County Council has approved plans for the construction of a new 272 spectator stand at the Oranmore Community Centre pitch.

Planning permission has been granted for the new covered spectator stand, along with an overhaul of the centre to include a new entrance gate and boundary wall.

The council attached eleven conditions to the planning approval, including that the proposed entrance gate must be made from natural timber.

The county council also stipulated that proposed finishes and materials in the spectator stand must be agreed in writing with the council beforehand, and that any stone used in the boundary wall must be natural limestone.

The Oranmore Park Committee said that the Community Centre needs a facelift due to the growing importance and number of people involved in hurling and football in the area, which is the “focal point” of activities at the centre.

Currently spectators at matches have to congregate at the enclosure barrier around the pitch to watch games, which doesn’t offer protection from the elements.

“The Oranmore Community Centre holds a crucial position at the centre of the Sporting and
Social circle of Oranmore Village,” the planning application stated.

“This proposal seeks to maintain and accentuate this position by improving the external impression of the facility whilst also improving the experience of those using the facility through the installation of covered spectator seating designed in concert with the extant development to minimise its impact on the surrounding environment.

“The development will improve this focal point of the community and facilitate the hosting of more prestigious events further engendering a sporting and social ethos in same thus perpetuating this strong community spirit through future generations.”