Your Yes Matters

Repeal the eighth galway daily

If you have ever sported a “Yes” badge or a “Repeal” jumper, then the term “murderer” might be something you have been called recently.

It is just a word, but it is a powerful one. It is a word that is intended to shame those who put a woman above a fetus.

No one WANTS an abortion, that is not something women dreamt of as young girls, but sometimes it is something that we have to consider.

We may decide against it as it is not the right thing for us or, we may decide that we need an abortion for a variety of reasons. The point is: we should have CHOICE.

Voting No will not stop abortion, it is happening here right now: 10 women today will get on a plane full of worry, shame, and anger. Anger because their own country will not help them; instead, we turn our heads and pretend it’s not happening. But sure, isn’t Ireland just a grand little country?

Voting No will ensure women go online and purchase abortion pills, taking them in fear that something goes wrong and if it does, being too afraid to go to their doctor.

Voting No will make women take a concoction of drugs in an attempt to cause a miscarriage.

Voting No is not the way to go.

Vote Yes for Ms P, Miss X, and Savita.

Vote Yes for any woman in your life who may need it. Those of us voting Yes are not murderers, we do not want everyone to have an abortion, we simply know that life sometimes does not go to plan and that the 8th Amendment is not working right now.

If you think it is, you have clearly not been paying enough attention.

I am a woman living under the 8th, and it terrifies me. I have been told if my life is at risk then of course I will come before the fetus, but is that really the bar we have set? Dying?

Women are more than incubators, we are feeling, breathing people who have relationships with many around us. I am going to be selfish and demand that we come first, always, not just if we are dying.

“But it will be used as contraception up to 6 months!” Women don’t think, “nah babe it’s fine, don’t use a condom tonight, I’ll get an abortion next month”, this is not a reality, it is scaremongering. As for up to 6 months, the proposed legislation is unrestricted up to 12 weeks, 3 months, not 6. Anything near 6 months is a much, much wanted pregnancy and is only terminated due to a serious issue.

Vote Yes tomorrow. 

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