One Galway premises closed in September over food safety concerns

galway premises closed by food safety authority

Raw meat hanging in the coldroom and in the cold display unit of the butcher area lead to one premises in Galway being closed by the Food Safety Authority in September.

Super Ketones on Prospect Hill was issued with the closure order on 13 September and the order was then lifted on 21 September.

The Food Safety Authority said that in addition to the raw meat in the coldroom and cold display unity, inadequate facilities were provided at the butcher counter for the preparation and handling of raw meat.

A wash hand basin and a double sink were present in this area, however they were not plumbed to a hot and cold water supply. A supply of soap and towels were also not available at the wash hand basin.

The FSA said that this increases the risk of contamination to the food as there was no adequate means of washing or sterilising equipment that came in contact with food or for the washing of hands after handling food.

The African goods store was one of eight premises across the country to be given a closure order in September.