NUIG Students’ Union records huge levels of engagement during ‘pandemic year’

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Pádraic Toomey, Faye McDonnell, Róisín Nic Lochlainn, Neasa Gorrell and Emma Sweeney at launch of RAK Challenge in November

NUI Galway Students’ Union saw record levels of engagement by students throughout the 2020/21 academic year despite the challenges of the pandemic.

The Students’ Union’s annual report shows huge numbers of students signed up to be class representatives, attended online events and raised funds for charity.

Over 400 people signed up to take part in the Charity Challenge, raising €13,000 for Galway charities over six months.

Some 600 students volunteered to become class reps to act as the voice of their class and voter turnout increased for the SU Elections which again were held online.

NUI Galway students also led the way in campaigns dealing with issues such as making education more affordable, sustainability, mental health and diversity.

“It has been a great honor to lead NUI Galway Students’ Union as President for 2020/2021,” said Students’ Union President Pádraic Toomey.

“This ‘pandemic year’ brought brand new challenges and opportunities that we haven’t had before.

“The Union shone out as an adaptable and dynamic representative body that ensures the student voice is always heard.”

Students’ Union Vice-President/Education Officer Emma Sweeney added: “In what has been a very stressful academic year it’s great that the students of NUI Galway have been so engaged with the Union.

“Our SU Officers, Class Reps and Volunteers have worked tirelessly this year to help the entire NUI Galway community to get through this together.”