No plans to hold Maam Cross Fair in 2020

Maam Cross Fair not happening this year

The Maam Cross Fair will likely not be taking place in Connemara this October due to public health concerns caused by COVID-19.

The Maam Cross fair is a long standing tradition for farmers in the Connemara area, with sales of sheep, cattle, and the famed Connemara ponies.

Galway County Council and the Gardaí are typically involved in the safe organisation of the one day celebration, which involves closing the road from Maam Cross to Maam.

But the county council has said that due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the event will not be going ahead this year.

“Due to the continuing impact and uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 and in the interest of public health and safety no arrangements are being made for the Maam Cross Fair to be held in 2020.


image credit: Galway County Council