This new ‘Fotolapse’ app allows you to track changes like never before!



Some changes happen so slowly they’re barely noticeable.

If you’ve ever seen an old picture of yourself, your beard, your pet or even your garden, there’s a good chance you were shocked at how much had changed.

Well, with a genius new app created by four young Irish developers, you can now track these changes and record  your life everyday!

Fotolapse allows people to photograph something over a number of days, months or even years, and the app tracks the changes by making an animated GIF of the changes over time, which can then be shared on social media.

The app allows you to line up your photos perfectly by placing yesterday’s image directly on top of today’s, making the changes over time smooth and seamless, ready for sharing!

The highly anticipated app has been in the pipeline for months, and was officially released last week.

One of the developers is a Computer Science student at NUI Galway and the other three have recently graduated from UCD in Dublin.

The creators  say that they wanted to create something that could catalogue “the anatomy of change” in peoples lives in an easy and convenient app that everybody could use.

So how does it work?

You simply take a picture of something every day for a number of months or years, such as your face, your growing beard, gym progress, pregnancy etc.

Fotolapse compiles the images into an animated GIF for sharing on social media.

The app also helps you to line up items perfectly, meaning the changes appear in a natural time-lapse.

The app is FREE to use and offers unlimited cloud storage for all users.

It also records streaks telling you how many days in a row you have taken a picture (similar to Snapchat).

And the good news is… this is the beta version of the app and the developers have promised many more features coming soon, including exporting videos with music and shorter term time lapses, i.e. taking a time-lapse of a party, which might last for a few hours.

As the app is in beta, a free additional album is available to the first 10,000 downloads!

Download it here on iOS