Muhammad, Lily and Saoirse are the most popular baby names in Galway City

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The most popular baby names in Ireland in 2022 have been revealed by the Central Statistics Office.

Jack was the most popular name for baby boys in Galway county, while Muhammad was the most common name in Galway city last year.

For girls, Éabha topped the list in Galway county, and Lily and Saoirse were the most popular names in the city.

Nationwide, Jack, Noah, James, Rían and Charlie were the top five baby names for boys, while Emily, Grace, Fiadh, Sophie and Lily were the most common girls names.

The top risers in 2022 were Tomás, up 42 places to 77th place, and Éala, up 86 places to 91st place.

Blake and Cody entered the top 100 for boys and Hailey, Phoebe, Ayda and Éala were new entries for girls.

The CSO treats different spellings of a name have been treated as separate names.

For example, while there were 55 boys named Eoin, another 48 had the alternate spelling Eoghan.

Similarly, in 2022, if you combine the number of girls’ named Hanna (28) and Hannah (248) then it would fall into 6th place, replacing Éabha.

Variants of names and abbreviations were also treated as separate names. For example, Jack, Seán, John and Sean account for 1,088 boys.