4,421 people from Ukraine now living in Galway

galway daily news Over 800 Ukrainian children now enrolled in Galway schools

New data shows that the number of arrivals from Ukraine to Galway has risen to 4,421.

A total of 74,458 Ukrainians have now arrived in Ireland, one year on since the start of the war.

Galway City Central has the most Ukrainians of any area in the county, with a quarter of all arrivals.

In the Tuam electoral area, just 155 refugees from Ukraine were registered.

Nationally, women and men over the age of 20 made up 46% and 21% respectively of arrivals to date. One third were people aged under 20.

Of all arrivals aged 18 and over, 62% of males and 47% of females were married or cohabiting.

There were 12,622 arrivals enrolled in further education and training courses on 1 February, of which 10,680 enrolled in further education English language courses.

As of 12 February 2023, 28,774 arrivals had attended an employment support event arranged by Intreo Public Employment Services.

Of those 70% noted that English language proficiency was a challenge in securing employment.