Moyne Villa FC upgrading facilities with full sized, all-weather pitch

Galway Daily sports Moyne Villa FC adding new all weather pitch

Moyne Villa Football Club in Headford has received planning permission to improve its facilities by upgrading one pitch to an all-weather astroturf pitch.

The plans including replacing an existing natural surface pitch with a full sized, all-weather astroturf pitch as well as erecting a 3m high fence around the pitch, and 3m high nets behind the goals.

The proposed upgrades cover a total area of 6,996m² of ground works, 344m of fencing, and 344m of netting.

Moyne Villa’s facilities as they are now include two floodlit, natural surface pitches, and one smaller astroturf pitch, as well as the clubhouse and associated amenities.

Included in the planning application is a tender from PST Sport, a Kerry based company that installs artificial grass for sporting facilities, to perform the works.

They highlight the shock absorbent qualities of their mono-filament, 3G synthetic grass, panels of which are stitched together rather than glued, for superior strength.

They’ve installed pitches at 37 football clubs and schools in Ireland.

Moyne Villa FC was founded in 1977, and takes its name from the castle on the Galway Mayo border to the north of Headford.

The application to upgrade one of its pitches was first submitted to Galway County Council in June.

A report by the planning authority raised no objection to the planned works.

Galway County Council granted permission for the works with five conditions attached.