More bins needed at the Spanish Arch to combat littering

Galway Daily news More bins needed at the Spanish Arch to combat littering

More bins are needed at the Spanish Arch to combat littering, as well as more frequent emptying of the bins that are already present, PBP has said.

People Before Profit said it is very common in Galway City to see bins “full to the brim” with rubbish, and that improved waste collection services are needed, along with more bins.

PBP was speaking in response to a recent suggestion by City Councillor Eddie Hoare that the council should consider installing sprinklers to stop crowds of young people congregating, drinking, and littering at Spanish Arch.

People Before Profit Galway spokesperson Conall Mc Callig said that councillor Hoare’s comments showed a “disdain” towards young people, adding that this attitude is “typical” of Fine Gael in recent years.

“In the time of a pandemic this should not be the sole focus of the council when large organisations continue to flout coronavirus regulations, and thousands of holidaymakers enter Ireland each day.”

The City Council already said that it has no intention of installing sprinklers at the Arch, saying that this was unlikely to deter people from gathering there.

The Spanish Arch is a “well known public area” in Galway City, PBP said, arguing removing its usage as a green space would only drive people to gather indoors instead, where they are more likely to spread COVID-19.