MojoFest to begin tomorrow in the Bailey Allen Auditorium with a packed schedule

Bailey Allen Auditorium - Day 2

MojoFest is set to begin early tomorrow morning at 9am in the Bailey Allen Auditorium NUI Galway.

The opening address of Mojofest begins at 9am tomorrow morning in the Bailey Allen Auditorium in NUI Galway, with Glen Mulcahy and Duncan Stone.

Glen Mulcahy who is the MojoFest organiser will be joined by Duncan Stone of the BBC as they provide the opening address of MojoFest tomorrow morning.

BBC News in currently running a mobile journalism pilot, but unlike other organisations where mojo skills are often taught to journalists as a way to augment their content creation resources, BBC has opted to put mojo kits in the hands of their most experienced eng camera crews.

The idea behind the project is to assess “once and for all” whether an iPhone really is a suitable device for daily news gathering.

In this opening session Glen Mulcahy, Founder of Mojofest chats with Duncan Stone, a multi award winning BBC Senior cameraman who is overseeing the project with BBC producer Declan Wilson.

The following is the schedule for the rest of tomorrow with many different speakers partaking in the conference and different topics being discussed.

9:30am – 10:30 am – Smartphone Photography Masters – this session is set to take place in the Bailey Allen Auditorium with a panel of speakers including Jen Pollack Bianco, Jo Bradford, Renzo Grande, Tim Bingham, and Brendan Ó Sé.

11:00am – 12:00pm – Filmaking with your smartphone. Pro’s and cons – Taz Goldstein, Leonor Suarez, Richard Lackey, Cielo De La Paz, Neill Barham which will also take place in the Bailey Allen Auditorium.

Between 12:00pm – 1:00pm – the Implementing Mojo talk will take place at the Bailey Allen Auditorium.

 MojoFest will then break for lunch at 1:00pm and will return at 2:00pm.

Between 2:00 pm – 4:00pm – there will be a Workshop: Galway Photowalk. This workshop will take place in the Courtyard outside Sult Bar.

Other workshops are also set to take place at 2pm after lunch include – A Photographic Approach to iPhone Photography with Jack Hollingsworth and a workshop on Chasing the Light – Cinematography with a Smartphone and Professional Color Grading Techniques.

Another workshop is set to take place at 4pm tomorrow on Storytelling through Smartphone Photography and a final workshop is set to take place tomorrow evening at 7pm in the Courtyard outside Sult Bar – Painting with Light.

Mojofest is set to continue over the course of 3 days with tomorrow being the opening day and plenty of speakers will be on hand to provide knowledge and tips on their work.