Mindfulness in public policy event to take place in Galway City

mindfulness event in galway

A conference held in NUI Galway will explore how mindfulness is steadily making its way into our health, education and justice systems from the ground up.

The “Ireland’s Mindful Journey” event will take place next Thursday, 14 June

Mindful Way @ NUI Galway was established in 2015, and the community has grown to approximately 800 staff, students and members of the local community who participate in shared practice and events across campuses in Galway, Shannon and Letterkenny.

Mindful activities relating to teaching, research and the practice of mindfulness are ongoing at the University, where mindful spaces are also being created.

Speaking about the forthcoming event, Professor Lokesh Joshi, Vice President for Research at NUI Galway, said: “As mental health is becoming more of a priority issue for governments and policy makers, this conference will share experiences of mindfulness programmes nationally and internationally with a view to developing best practice and informing policy.

“Through research and a range of activities on our campuses, we are exploring how mindfulness contributes to improved wellbeing in our society.

“While there is often a focus on meditation, mindfulness is about far more than that. Its techniques can change how we relate to ourselves and to those around us by keeping us in the present moment to better respond to the situations we face.

“While there are many successful initiatives, mindfulness has yet to permeate policy in many areas, and we hope that these examples from the health, justice and education systems can highlight the potential for mindfulness to transform culture in a range of settings.”