Midlands Northwest: Luke Ming Flanagan, Maria Walsh, and Matt Carthy likely to claim seats

Galway Daily news EU elections hustings

Luke Ming Flanagan, Maria Walsh, and Matt Carthy look likely to be elected to the three remaining seats in the Midlands-North-West as the final count progresses.

Mairead McGuinness was the first MEP elected in the Midlands-North-West, passing the quota on the first count, and eleven more have gone by since without anyone else taking a seat.

Now Luke Ming Flanagan is just shy of the quota in the final count with 112,760 votes, picking up roughly 15,000 Green Party candidate Saoirse McHugh.

Maria Walsh passed Matt Carthy for the first time in this contest in the last count, taking another 16,000 of Saoirse McHugh’s transfers to jump to 96,163.

The former Rose of Tralee will likely become the second Fine Gael MEP for the Midlands-North-West, joining her party colleague McGuinness.

And Matt Carthy looks likely to retain his seat for Sinn Féin as well sitting in third place with 91,396 votes after garnering another 5,500 from the last count.

The three significantly widened the gap over Peter Casey who is currently in fourth place with 69,923 votes.

Casey collected just over 3,000 transfer after Saoirse McHugh was eliminated, not enough to close the gap.

The final count for the European Parliament district is now underway with the redistribution of votes from Fianna Fáil’s Brendan Smith before the results are known.