Midlands North-West MEP says United Ireland will benefit everyone

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Matt Carthy, MEP for the Midlands North-West constituency which includes Galway, says that the end of partition would benefit everyone on the island of Ireland.

The MEP will host the launch of a new document by Sinn Féin this week, as the party enters its first week under the leadership of Mary Lou McDonald.

Carthy said that a united Ireland would benefit everyone in Ireland – ‘very importantly, in economic terms’.

“Partition has been an economic disaster for Ireland, North and South. Economy and society across the island of Ireland are intertwined. Back-to-back development and wasteful duplication serve nobody, in either jurisdiction.

“Brexit has merely served to highlight these issues. The Good Friday and subsequent agreements have ensured that all-Ireland co-operation has benefited people across Ireland. We cannot allow this to be threatened.

“Sinn Féin’s document, A United Ireland  Better for Jobs, Enterprise and Research, will show how Irish unity would unlock the real economic potential of this island acting as a huge spur for economic growth leading to more jobs and an improvement in living standards,” he said.

However, the party has more urgent concerns north of the border, where negotiations have been ongoing since the breakdown of the assembly after Martin McGuinness resigned over allegations about the DUP in January 2017.

Talks continue in the North this week.