Make Way Day highlighting access issues for people with a disability

Galway Daily news Make Way Day highlighting access issues for people with a disability

Galway City is today highlighting the challenges faced by people with a disability navigating public spaces in the annual Make Way Day.

The Make Way Day campaign is led by the Disability Federation of Ireland and brings together a wide range of local voluntary groups and government bodies.

It is about promoting awareness of the different needs of people in public spaces, where a minor issue for a fully able person can be a severe obstacle in the path of a person with a disability.

This year Galway City Council is hosting a virtual meeting with multiple groups that will highlight access issues from people’s lived experience of dealing with a disability.

The meeting, taking place at 11am today, is hosted by Sharon Lawless, Galway City Council Access Officer, with Access for All, Galway City Partnership, Galway City Community Network and Disability Federation of Ireland.

It is hoped that the meeting will help to develop action plans for tackling local access problems.

“There is nothing as powerful as hearing about access issues directly from those experiencing them,” said Lisa Fenwick, Community Development Officer, Disability Federation of Ireland.

“Especially when we will have people with the skill and resources to address those issues there on MakeWayDay at our virtual meeting.”

Tommy Harper, Community Warden with the city council, says that simple issues such as parked vehicles blocking dropped kerbs can be serious impediment to wheelchairs.

“Make Way Day gives every single one of us an opportunity to be more mindful of the 10,133 people with disability living in Galway City.”