Make Way Day highlighting access issues for people with a disability

Galway daily news Public spaces in the spotlight for Make Way Day

Road users are being urged to show consideration towards people with a disability or mobility problems on Make Way Day 2021 this Friday.

The annual Make Way Day campaign, led by the Disability Federation of Ireland, exists to promote the needs of disabled people in public spaces.

Some of the other groups behind the campaign are the Irish Wheelchair Association, Fighting Blindness, Enable Ireland, Arthritis Ireland, Multiple Sclerosis Ireland along with many others.

It is about promoting awareness of the needs of people with a disability in public spaces, where a minor issue for a fully able person can be a severe obstacle in the path of a person with a disability.

The greatest impediments being highlighted by the campaign are: cars parked on footpaths, bicycles illegally parked, and bins left on footpaths.

An Garda Síochána is supporting the annual campaign today, asking drivers to be conscious of other road users, particularly those with impaired mobility and disability, by asking them not to park on footpaths or use designated disabled parking bays without a proper permit.

Gardaí are also working Operation Enable, targeting drivers who are improperly parked in disable spaces or on the paths with fixed charge penalty notices..

More than 2,200 on the spot fines have been issued for parking offences so far this year.