Make a dog’s Christmas with a gift hamper for MADRA

Galway daily news treat a dog to a Christmas hamper with MADRA

As we start buying our Christmas gifts for friends and family this month, give a thought to the more than 50 rescue dogs in the care of MADRA this holiday season.

You can make a mutt’s holidays by donating a Christmas shoebox filled with items to treat the dogs who aren’t spending the winter with a family.

Each box contains a mix of delicious treats to spice up their diet; six Burns Sausage Meaty Treats, one bag of Trixie Premio Treats, a tube of live paste, and for that Christmas dinner a can of Turkey and Cranberry in herb gravy.

As well as food this hamper contains some fun toys and other essential items including a collar and tag, three squeaky tennis balls, and a lick mat toy.

If you want to treat a dog in Galway to a sack of toys this Christmas, it’s as easy as going to and placing your order, after which it will be delivered straight to MADRA.

Mutts Anonymous Dog Rescue & Adoption is an animal care charity based out of Connemara that helps find homes for dogs that are unwanted, or maybe who’s family just can’t look after them anymore.

More than ever MADRA needs people’s support as the number of dogs coming into their care goes through the roof.

Since July 1 of this year MADRA has taken in a massive 221 adult dogs with another 52 puppies coming through their gates.

In all of last year the animal charity took in  789 dogs, of which 733 were successfully re-homes.

The cost of all this is that their vet bills are reaching €8,000 every month.

If you want to help out you could consider adopting or fostering a dog currently in MADRA’s care.

Or make a make a donation at or by texting MADRA to 50300.


Photo: PurpleBlues Photography