Major plans to transform city streets into outdoor dining areas this summer


Galway city’s streets are set to be transformed this summer to facilitate outdoor dining, with the Council making a number of proposals to pedestrianise lanes, close streets to traffic and extend footpaths in parts of the city.

Galway City Council is examining a number of options for the summer months – between 7 June and 30 September – which include pedestrianising Ravens Terrace and the Small Crane, as well as adding public seating.

It is also proposing evening closures for both Dominick Street Lower and William Street West, and a new one-way traffic lane along Dominick Street Upper with increased footpaths on both sides of the street.

Red line = Full road closure | Green lines = New one way system | Yellow line = New evening closure | Blue, pink and yellow lines = Diversion routes

Additional outdoor dining areas could also be introduced on Middle Street by infilling parking areas.

Another proposal is to close one side of the traffic in Woodquay and increasing space for outdoor dining and pedestrians.

Red line: Full road closure | Green lines: New one way system | Yellow line: New evening closure | Blue, pink and yellow lines: Diversion routes

Cllr Alan Cheevers says that the changes will be a major boost for businesses in the city, while Cllr Owen Hanley also welcomed the proposals.