Macnas parade drew record smashing crowds

Galway Daily news Macnas parade draws record breaking numbers

The Macnas Halloween parade that made its way through Galway yesterday blew through all records with attendance up by a third on 2017.

Galway was dazzled by strange, and frightful sights as tens of thousands lined the streets to watch ‘Out of the Wild Sky’ wend its way from NUI Galway down to the Claddagh.

The signature massive floats and elaborate pyrotechnic creations were on full display to the joy of everyone who came to town to watch.

Always a great example of visual storytelling, ‘Out of the Wild Sky’ was about celebrating a city in the act of transformation.

Between the white fire of the stars and the whispering woods you can hear the breath of small kingdoms rising and falling , dreams floating light as moths among the branches of the trees, where sweetness and tangibility flickers amongst the dark hug of time. 

 Macnas brought “Out of the Wild Sky” to the streets of Galway, packed full of love and magic, as they sculpt a new cosmos into being, where the language of birds and the stars take flight, bells ring out stitches of lightning burst forth as a new horizon lights up the deep and the wondrous and lifts up the sky.

This incredible piece of work required the combined effort of 45 professional artists to create, and hundreds of volunteers to shepard it through the city.

Macnas are making their way to Dublin this evening where the parade will close out the annual Bram Stoker Festival for the fifth year running.

Photos: Julia Dunin, Julia Dunin photography