Long lines to tour the LÉ George Bernard Shaw at the docks

Galway Daily news People queue to see the LÉ George Bernard Shaw

People are queuing up down at the docks today to get a look aboard the navy’s LÉ George Bernard Shaw.

The newest patrol vessel in the fleet of the Irish Naval Service and one of the four ‘playwright’ sister ships, the George Bernard Shaw has been docked at Galway for the public to view over New Year’s.

Her crew have been providing the public with guided tours of this state of the art patrol vessel.

The George Bernard Shaw was delivered to the Irish Naval Service in 2018 and will have its official naming ceremony later this year.

It was preceded into service by the LÉ Samuel Beckett in 2014, the LÉ James Joyce in 2015, and the LÉ William Butler Yeats in 2016.

The public tours of the LÉ George Bernard Shaw come as the naval service is undergoing a recruitment drive.

There are currently just under 1,100 personnel in the naval branch of the defence forces.

Duties of the Irish Naval Service include patrolling Irish waters for illegal fishing ships and narcotics smuggling, marine rescue missions, and deployments to the Mediterranean to combat human trafficking.


Photo: Irish Naval Service/Twitter