Lifeboat comes to the aid of lone sailor stranded for hours

Galway Daily news Lifeboat comes to the aid of lone sailor stranded for hours
RNLI/Eleanor Hooker

The Lough Derg RNLI lifeboat came to the aid of a stranded sailor on a yacht run aground in poor weather on Tuesday.

Shortly before 5pm on Friday, the lifeboat was called out in response to a 36ft yacht stuck on the rocks at Bonaveen Point at the northwestern shore of Lough Derg.

Winds were southerly Force 4/5 and gusting at the time of the launch, with good visibility.

The casualty vessel was aground at Fowler Island, north of Bonaveen Point, with the skipper aground for roughly three hours at that point.

Two local people, in their lake boat standing off in safe water, were the ones who called for assistance after damaging their boat’s propeller on rocks extending out from the island.

Valentia Coast Guard offered an airlift for the casualty but the RNLI volunteers felt that an airlift would prove difficult due to the location and the height of the mast on the yacht.

After plotting a course, the lifeboat made its way to the stricken yacht around 5:40pm, and brought its skipper aboard.

Once in safe water, RNLI volunteers assessed the casualty for any injuries. The casualty was feeling cold but otherwise well.

Catherine Gleeson, Deputy Launching Authority at Lough Derg RNLI advises boat users to, “carry a means of communication and let someone know your destination and your planned time of arrival”.