Joyce’s Supermarkets Galway to begin Autism Friendly Evenings

Joyce's Autism Awarenes

Joyce’s Supermarkets Galway are to begin Autism Friendly Evenings in two of their stores beginning this Tuesday, 3rd of April.

Today marks the 11th annual World Autism Awareness Day,  a day where we try to understand the challenges not only faced by those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder but also what their parents, family and care-givers encounter.

Joyce’s Supermarkets Galway have today announced that they will be holding Autism Friendly shopping hours in their Headford and Athenry stores.

The friendly shopping hours will be held every Tuesday evening, between 7pm-9pm the first of which begins tomorrow the 3rd April.

Joyce’s is an independent family run business which began in 1951 in Headford and from the outset they have endeavoured to provide a friendly and personal service to the local communities and surrounding areas.

To facilitate the Autism Friendly Evening there will be a few slight changes in-store in Headford and Athenry in order to make it easier for those with Autism.

  • Lighting will be reduced.
  • Noise levels will also be reduced, with the radio turned off, in-store announcements will not happen and till sounds will be lowered.
  • Extra assistance will also be available to customers upon request.

Joyce’s Supermarkets are hopeful that the sensory adjustments will make the shopping routine easier for someone with autism and they welcome all suggestions and feedback in relation to these new changes. To provide information/feedback you can message the stores.

You can follow Joyce’s Supermarkets on Facebook to get all the information on the newest in-store promotions as well as any updates or changes that are happening throughout the stores.

We wish both the Athenry and Headford Stores the very best of luck with this new chapter in their stores.