“If you are on Erasmus, stay where you are” – Government to pay for students’ mandatory quarantine

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“Stay where you are” is Minister Simon Harris’ message to Irish Erasmus students today, with the government promising to pay for mandatory hotel quarantine for those returning from their European adventures.

Students who are studying in the five European countries on the government’s updated mandatory quarantine list can now stay on Erasmus to complete the semester.

Many Erasmus students expressed concerns about the cost of the mandatory quarantine hotels which they would be forced to stay in after returning from their semester or year abroad.

But Minister for Higher Education Simon Harris says that students should stay put, and if the students’ host country is still on the list when they return home, the government will pay.

“Please, if you are on Erasmus, stay where you are, complete your Erasmus. Enjoy that time,” said Minister Harris today.

“And when you’re due to come home as planned, then make arrangements. If mandatory quarantine is still in place at that stage, we will meet the cost.

“But perhaps countries that are on the list now may not be on the list then.”